“Smiler” is a story of survival, of surviving the un-survivable.

Based on actual events, it’s about a boy, taken and put through the Nazi-devised hell of the Holocaust.

Over a five and a half year period starting at the age of 15, Dolphy Smiler grew into manhood in the midst of the greatest horror ever imposed on humanity; and through his skills as a chameleon, a tough street fighter, his love of family, great luck and a pledge made to his mother that he’d never give up, that he’d make it through and come back to her, he remarkably, unbelievably, managed to come out the other end of the horror in one piece… physically.

Finding his world destroyed, everyone he knew – friends, family, his mother – had all been exterminated, murdered horribly in the gas chambers at Auschwitz, he sets off on a mission of revenge.

Ultimately he comes face to face with his greatest challenge – surviving his own instincts of hate and himself.